Earlier this year, a landmark bill was passed - 'Lake Erie bill of rights' in which Lake Erie received the rights like that of humans - to “exist, flourish, and naturally evolve”. Inspired from this, we have come up with the idea of forests being entities who deserve the respect and rights to preserve themselves while hosting visitors to their beautiful spots.

Implemented Ideas

We've built a mobile app in React Native that uses Augmented Reality to engage visitors to famous nature locations. An AR based informative tour using Google AR Core with option to play treasure hunt at the tour spots. As they do that they will also have the option to sign petitions in support of the forest's causes. ** Engagement **

  • AR based informative tour guided by the forests themselves.
  • A treasure hunt game in Augmented reality.
  • Ability to sign petitions on Docusign from the AR camera view.

** Petitions ** The users can send a petition of the Wilderness Society's: "Companies tie up lands without producing energy or revenues" And more if required.

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