There are many struggles teachers have to face when hosting a class on a Google Meet.

What it does

There are currently 2 tools the application has: Chat Notification Tool, Auto-Attendance Tool. The Chat Notification Tool sends the teacher a notification of a message sent in the chat while they are on another window. The Auto-Attendance Tool requires the teacher to input their class roster, and it tells the teacher who is currently missing from the meet.

How we built it

Python 3.x Libraries: PyQt5 Selenium Win10Toast

Challenges we ran into

Getting the HTML from Google Meet. Learning how to use PyQt. Google Meet kept bot detecting us and wouldn't allow us to join the Meet.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The tool can actually be used by teachers. The fact that we made this in the span of 3 days

What we learned

How to use PyQt. How to bypass Google Bot Detection. A better understanding of Python.

What's next for Meet++

The implementation of new tools and making it more user-friendly.

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