We use Monday’s boards to manage projects and tasks as part of our work all the time :) Our boards include our team members and clients, project-related tasks, updates, and more. The inspiration came when we realized that while working on a task we sometimes need to set a meeting related to this specific task with the relevant team members or clients. Since switching back and forth from to Google Calendar in order to copy and paste all the required info to the relevant fields can be tedious, we searched for a way to create a meeting from within Existing integrations between and Google Calendar such as’s native integration and apps like Meetly Inc. suffer from two major setbacks: First, they require the customization of the whole board (e.g. adding designated date columns) which is unnecessary when all we need is to set an ad hoc meeting every now and then. Second, the whole process is done completely inside, i.e. the event is created and invitations are sent without observing the participants’ schedules. In an environment where everyone’s calendar is preoccupied with meetings - it seems pointless to send someone an invitation for a meeting without checking their availability first.

This is why we have decided to create a more convenient process of setting a meeting from within - a one that starts at the relevant task but doesn’t end before we actually confirmed that the participants are available. No more “sorry, I have previous commitments!” :)

What it does

Let’s say that I’m working on a task or even writing an update on a task, and realize that I need to set a meeting related to this specific task with the relevant team members. I click on our newly developed ‘set a meeting’ tab, choose a date and relevant subscribed team members - and click on ‘Go to Calendar’ button to go straight to a new meeting window within Google Calendar. There, I see the name of the meeting (which is the same as the task name) and all the chosen participants. All that is left is to find a time that is good for everyone, and click “save”! The meeting is set, and the invitations are on their way.

How we built it

By using React library and React Material UI components. Google Calendar API - in order to integrate between “Meet my Task” app and the Calendar.

Challenges we ran into

  • Mastering the unfamiliar React library.
  • Utilizing the Monday Developers Console in order to extract data from the relevant board and its subscribers.
  • Integration between and Google Calendar - understanding what is the best way to create the integration, by using Google Calendar API or generating a designated URL.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we found an effective and efficient way to shorten the time and the process of creating task-related meetings.

What we learned

Running a application on our local environment and integrating with Google Calendar.

What's next for Meet my Task

Adding new features such as inserting a link to the task/board to the description section in Google Calendar, and adding the location of the meeting inside the app.

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