Inspiration 🧠

I wanted to meet up with some friends on the other side of my state, but I couldn't find any good places and I didn't know enough about the geography of my state. I didn't want to look through every restaurant in the area either.

What it does ❗

You can put in up to 10 addresses, and filter through the time of day, the radius, and the type of meting spot you're looking for. It'll put all of those markers on the map, and then once you search, you can go through all of the results which are conveniently marked on the map with their icons.

How we built it 🛠️

Next.js, TailwindCSS, and many of the Google Maps APIs.

Challenges we ran into 💩

It was very difficult to make this both efficient, easy to use, and fast but the Google APIs had routes that worked with my project perfectly. One of the largest challenges that stopped me from working on this for a few weeks was the $200 limit of free credit. I had to set a username and password on the site so only people I allow can use it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of 😁

I'm really happy with the UI and UX of this website, and especially the mobile version because I had to figure out how to keep all of the options on the website without taking up too much space and making it cluttered. I'm proud of myself for creating a UI without a component library or anything and creating it all on my own.

What we learned 🎓

I learned a lot about Next.js API routes and even more about the capabilities that Google Maps APIs offer. I also learned a lot about the Google Cloud dashboard because it seemed overwhelming at first but eventually I understood it.

What's next for Meet Me In the Middle ❓

I want to add more filters and more types of meeting spots to the website and make it available for everyone. I was also thinking about adding ads with Google AdSense within the results so it only shows ads to people that actually search for anything. Those ads would also not take up more real estate on the screen and would be integrated into the results.

Credentials for demo**

I'm not giving this out to everyone, but if you're a judge, please message me on Discord at CheesyNeesh#5076 or on Twitter at Neesh774.

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