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One of the problems with existing applications like when2meet, doodle, etc. that help users to coordinate meeting times is that they are so tedious to use repeatedly - users have to put in virtually the same information each time they want to use the app to meet with a new person. I want to create an application that will allow users to co-ordinate meeting times by uploading their ical calendars, and/or maybe create some 'default' times they're free that they can edit each time as needed.


  • back end tasks
    • import your schedule from an .ics file
    • compare different schedules for compatible times
      • user specifies minimum amount of time they want to meet for
      • user specifies time frame they'd like to meet within (don't make them meet at night)
  • front end tasks
    • allow user to upload their .ics files
    • match with another user based on their username?
    • maintain user profiles so that their schedules are saved
    • (optional) have user change their schedule online

what we'd need to build

  • convert .ics files to java readable data structure
  • store each person's data in some data structure (create a database somewhere?)
  • have some way of comparing multiple peoples' calendars to find a time they are mutually free during
  • have some way of displaying when people are free
  • then show users when they are mutually free
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