Our desire to build this easy-to use customer interface was inspired by our own personal past experiences. A lot of times, we move to different cities and places and hesitate to talk to new people. Meet and Eat have emerged from the desire to mingle around with new people in a group at places we are fond to explore. Our main learning during this journey was the importance of getting to know and eventually leveraging each other's unique backgrounds and skills. Throughout this journey, we used cutting-edge web technologies to power our application. This includes HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and Swift. There were many important business challenges that we faced such as "How to best differentiate our application from other solutions currently existing on the market" and "How to create a User Interface and Experience that is not only simple but also intuitive to work with". We worked out various designs in the wireframing stages, which we are very proud of as a group (given this was our first hackathon). We are looking forward to hear your feedback.

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