We all wanted to create something that was beneficial to at least one group of people. One of us expressed that as computer science students, we tend to be more isolated when it comes to projects, learning, and opportunities. Because of this, we wanted to create something that could bring us all together for many reasons, whether it would be for forming study groups, helping each other learn a coding language, or even socially interacting. With this idea, we moved forward with Meet and CS.

What it does

Meet and CS is a social networking site just for computer science students. By creating an account, which can be done by linking through snapchat, users can arrange meet-ups with others by posting onto the feed, which is organized by category. When creating a new post, users will be prompted for a title/headline, time, date, and location of the meet-up, an optional description of the meet-up, and access to the Google map that can be utilized to set the location. This site also has additional features such as instant messaging between other users.

How we built it

Our team built this site by utilizing the following languages: HTML, CSS, and Javascript. We also used GitHub to keep track of and sync all of our changes to the project. We worked together to develop the frontend, the backend, and utilize the APIs (Google Maps, Google App Engine, Google SQL, Google Cloud Builds, and Snapkit). We also used a domain. Our ultimate goal was to have our site be as close to a real social networking site as much as possible. All in all, Meet and CS is a social networking site that allows computer science students to interact with each other for a variety of reasons, and because of this, it can benefit them academically, professionally, and also in terms of health.

Challenges we ran into

We had a lot of difficulty using the .com domain with the Snapkit login identification, because the .com domain did not have an SSL certificate. We also had issues using while using Google App Engine, as opposed to localhost. Another challenge we ran into was formatting each web page with HTML and CSS, as well as adding functionalities to the components with Javascript. Sometimes, we have a hard time maintaining the functionalities in our site.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to use multiple APIs (with no prior experience) to improve the functionality of our website. Despite the fact that our group was not arranged prior to this hackathon event, we were able to decide on a project to focus on and delegate tasks fairly quickly. We were able to combine Bitmoji and Google Maps together to create a location map for the users (which showed their location with their Bitmoji avatar). We also completed this project in about 15 hours. Lastly, not all of us had experience in HTML, CSS, and Javascript, but we were still able to develop a presentable product.

What we learned

We learned how to successfully utilize multiple APIs within a Node.js environment. We all improved our skills in web development. We learned how to create a product while constantly considering the audience that it is supposed to appeal to, and we adjusted it based on what we thought they would need. With patience and persistence, it is possible to finish anything we put our minds too, even if we are not skilled in a certain aspect.

What's next for Meet and CS

We plan to put this site on a server and maintain actual user profiles within database, as well as more features available. We also wanted to automatically remove posts once the date passed, have users be able to comment on posts, hover over other users on the map to get more details, more features within every tab, more user profiles, and improve the cards.

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