Live Your Dreams! Be Bold & Independent!

Start your own business without loans or personal savings. Add extra income to your family wallet with ease and get the flexibility of working from home and spending time with your family.

Start Your Business from Home with Zero Investment

Download the Seemi app and start earning from home today!

Start Reselling with Seemi in 3 Simple Steps

Browse quality fashion & home products from the best suppliers nationwide

Share and Sell to your customers on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram

Earn high-profit margins & weekly bonus transferred to your bank account

What it does

Seemi connects suppliers with resellers. You can start your own e-commerce business without the hassle of managing or buying stocks of items. Just take a product from Seemi, share it across your social networks by adding your own profit margin. And once you get an order, full fill it with Seemi. We manage all the payment and shipping hassle. You get your profits.

Why this app should be selected

  • Built with flutter
  • It helps shrink the gender gap by providing women the ability to run an e-commerce business without any investment or stepping a foot out of the home.
  • Innovative business model - We make a profit when you make a sale. We take a certain percentage from the supplier
  • After winning the cash, we will actually implement the app and launch it in the markets with the prize money.

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