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Nothing in particular really. I discovered a problem with cloud service providers this summer when I was doing a React Native project, and I recently got into Solidity and Dapp development, so I thought why not apply this new knowledge in attempting to solve a important problem.

What it does

Meerkat is a decentralized blockchain web application that tracks Cloud Service Providers' uptime. In the status quo, consumers have no way of deciding whether or not a Cloud Service Provider is reliable. The sources of information are either centralized (Cloud Service Provider's own assertion. E.g. 99.9% uptime) or without basis (word of mouth, general reputation). In short, there is a lack of transparency in the cloud service industry, frustrating consumers and causing them to make wrong decisions. Meerkat solves this problem by using the following mechanism:

  • Visitors to the site will test the listed servers by sending GET requests to all of them. (To avoid excessive data use, the maximum number of requests per visit is 20.)
  • The test results obtained by the visitors will be added to the Meerkat blockchain, where it is immutable and distributed. Meerkat empowers consumers with statistics when making important personal and business decisions.
    ## How I built it I got started by writing in Solidity on BlockMason Link. I rarely use online IDE, (it has always been truffle and configuring everything by myself), but I absolutely love BlockMason. There are some inconsistencies when deploying contracts, but overall it makes setting up a blockchain project so much simpler. After some testing, I deployed the project to Ethereum Ropsten and got started on the Front-end. Some JavaScript, Sass and HTML later, Meerkat was born!
    ## Why the name "Meerkat"? I consider meerkats to be very attentive creatures, especially when they put their hands up like this: Meerkat My original idea for the name was something along the lines of WUT Chain, which stands for Watch UpTime Chain. I thought it was boring but I wanted the "Watch" part of it, and thought about which animal is cautious and "watches" a lot, and boom, meerkats.
    ## Accomplishments that I'm proud of This is my first serious Dapp!
    ## What's next for Meerkat
  • Responsiveness
  • Improve UI
  • Add servers to list

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