MeeLia is a virtual assistant geared towards helping women and young girls with mental health issues. It uses machine learning to perform sentimental analysis of conversations with users to empower women.

What it does

MeeLia aims to educate people about their rights in difficult situations, such as bullying and harassment. It focuses on 3 things. Voice Assistance, Speech to text recognition and Sentiment Analysis

How I built it

We used google cloud api for Natural Language Processing and Dialogflow. We also build a website using bootstrap, css, html and

Challenges I ran into

We ran into multiple challenges. Figuring out how to connect all three technlogies was kinda challenging. We also tried to make use of another API that did sentiment analysis but after hours we had to give up.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Training the voice assistant with Dialogflow was pretty fun. Giving it keywords and understanding the whole mechanism was a great learning experience. link

What I learned

We had hands on experience on multiple technologies. This includes the google cloud api which consists of a huge library of data and APIs.

What's next for MeeLia - Voice Assistant with sentiment analysis

MeeLia needs to be trained more. We also plan on adding a Face Recognition feature to it which could help up with expression and sentiment analysis on a higher level.

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