We really should stop micro-managing our calendars. Instead, calendars should be smart enough to be sent out to negotiate and arrange our meetings for us

What it does

Meekan is a 100% AI robot assistant can do any of these tasks, all without leaving Hipchat or switching apps to check your calendar. Just talk to him and make meetings happen: "meekan, we need a quick team meeting tomorrow morning"

Match and sync everyone's calendars to find the best time for any group to have a meeting

Take care of time zones and work hours, and calculate the most comfortable time for everyone

Reschedule meetings to a new time when someone can’t make it

Find what conference room is available for this meeting, and book it for you

Edit or cancel existing meetings

Tell you how busy you are tomorrow (or Thursday, or next week), and give you a list of all the meetings you have (which you can cancel, or reschedule or, well you get the point)

Warn you when two of your meetings overlap on the same time, and offer to move or cancel either

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Voted #1 on Product Hunt on its launch day, we're very excited to launch it for HipChat!

What I learned

Organizing meetings is not just a mathematical optimization problem. It involves culture, ego, politics and requires a lot of finesse and some emotional intelligence. Teaching all this to a robot is a very challenging task.

What's next for Meekan scheduling assistant robot

Next we'd like to also schedule your travel plans, accommodation, lunch and dinner, and anything that needs to happen in time.

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