On a typical day in the modern world, we are going to chatting with our co-workers, probably via Slack. We receive messages from our friends via WhatsApp. Get prohibited pictures by Snapchat. And we will use the old but good SMS to our great parents. How many direct messages exchanged between people every day? We know very well who does not enter this kind of direct conversation: business. All this talk right is a model where businesses can not participate. Well, that's the past, the future starts now.

Of all human communications, none is more direct than communicating via messages. There is no voice intonation, there is no accent or facial gestures. Or body language to translate. And this means of communication the process faster and better place for humans and Artificial Intelligence work together for common goals. Virtual assistants people will take the business into a communication aimed at solving problems related to the context of each person. It is designed to interface to make it easy and automated completion of daily tasks and complex through a natural dialogue with an assistant. Analogous to real life. Conversational interfaces force ensure easy user adoption avoiding that need to learn any bride thing. We all know how to use chat rooms. So ordering is easy. Assistants can process complex requisitions, many steps and analyzes time-consuming without knowledge experts or patience for your use. personal assistant are perfect when data collection is easy and the complex analysis of them.

The wedding is routine of tasks and complexity. Excitement and nerves. Million per second thoughts and concerns. And no one understands the bride and groom. Each couple is a sentence. About love of course. Singular. How can we help a bride who needs as much attention to your private world? And not merely list their tasks, but actually complete them as a team and even anticipate their needs? The answer to this is to enter the gold rush. The is the first company in the world to put a virtual personal assistant within a niche market. We're the fastest growing marriage startup here in Brazilian - and starting a global strategy by Latin America and it will be the first step to be recognized as an innovative startup.

What it does

A recent survey by Nuance, a company specializing in human-robot iteration, reveals that 71% of women give name for your virtual personal assistants. The Meeka born from the need of the bride and groom to have the dream wedding and count with a big shoulder to all times and to take your business for the day-to-day engaged in the most widely used communication model today. Knowing that the experience in mobile is short and objective readings, focused on action. According to the stage of every bride, and profile them based on historical data and intelligent questions based on machine learning, Meeka is at all times: the marriage proposal, through the altar and beyond. Anticipating events (predictive analysis) and suggesting actionable insights to Meeka follows the company's vision to become the best friend of the grooms.

How I built it

In a year of operation, we already help more than 100,000 couples. And we learned a lot from it. The Meeka connect on database and our support tool to extract and classify knowledge. The main feature, which is the chat, is built on top of Watson Dialog. All language classification is based upon Watson NLC. We are also experiencing things like Personality Insights to adapt the language to each customer profile. Every human-robot iteration happens in a rich app built on top of ionic and releases (still in beta) in Google Play and Apple Store.

Challenges I ran into

At this moment we're working in create an exceptional unsupervised machine learning algorithm to streaming learning and classifying automatically new topics discovered in the interactions in our community, our tools and the entire web.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • We're really ready to help couples in so many marriage questions;
  • The natural language is awesome (at this moment just in Brazilian Portuguese)
  • Everyday insights by push notifications and starting dialogues in app is a great hook to users retention.

What I learned

  • IBM is changing the world.
  • We're ready to create smart applications with high abstraction level through Watson and Alchemy API
  • Users are ready to conversational apps

What's next for Meeka

  • Support to new languages: Spanish and English
  • Actionable insights
  • Documents (budget requests) classification
  • Improve vendors suggestions engine
  • Non-supervised learning algorithm
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