Now, there is a lot of empty nester in China, they live alone in their ancestral homes. They cannot take care of themselves because of deteriorating health, children who live faraway incapable of solving this problem. At the same time, there is a lot of people who wish to visit other cities or live in its, accommodation is a huge part of their expenses. To solve this troublesome problem, we came up with an idea named “Meehome”.

What it does


On, the elderly or their children provide visitors with an “empty nest” for the elderly as an accommodation place. The host must also meet the owner’s requirements as a volunteer and take care of the basic life of the elderly. Take what you need, and you need the best of both worlds.

How I built it

网站后端由 PHP 语言编写,基于 Symfony 4 框架开发,同时使用 Doctrine ORM 作为数据库抽象层,开发环境中主数据库使用 SQLite,生产环境中可以随时更换为 MySQL 或其他结构化数据库引擎。使用 Twig 模板语言渲染页面,前端使用 HTML5 + Bootstrap 响应式设计,适配多种设备屏幕。

The back end of the website is written in the PHP language and is based on the Symfony 4 framework. At the same time, the Doctrine ORM is used as the database abstraction layer. The main database in the development environment uses SQLite. The production environment can be replaced with MySQL or other structured database engines at any time. Uses the Twig template language to render the page. The front end uses an HTML5 + Bootstrap responsive design to fit multiple device screens.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of


We have not only realized the website, but also have a sense of design; the planning of the website is complete

What I learned


We have learned the knowledge of computer, design and business planning techniques. We also accomodate teamwork experience.

What's next for meehome


The public-benefit "" is committed to establishing a website brand, attracting more users, solving more people's needs, winning more trust, contributing strength and spreading positive energy for solving social problems.

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