Since the breakout of the pandemic, we saw a surge in people’s need for an affordable, convenient, and environmentally friendly way of transportation. In particular, the main pain points in this area include taking public transportation is risky due to the pandemic, it’s strenuous to ride a bike for long-distance commuting, increasing traffic congestion, etc.

In the post-covid time, private and renewable energy transportation will be a huge market. Compared with the cutthroat competition in the EV industry, the eBike market has been ignored to some extent, so it is the competition is not as overwhelming and the market opportunity and potential are extremely promising.

At the moment, 95% of the bikes are exported from China, and they can not provide prompt aftersales service. The next step of our idea is to integrate resources to build an efficient service system for the current Chinese exporters.

We also see great progress and a promising future for carbon credit projects and decarbonization. This is what we are trying to integrate into our APP to track people’s carbon footprint and translate it into carbon credit to encourage people to make contributions to decarbonization.

What it does

We are building an aftersales service system to integrate the existing resources such as manufacturers in China and more than 7000 brick and mortar shops in the US.

Unique value proposition: We have a strong supply chain management ability because most of the suppliers are from China and we have a close relationship with them, in the meantime, we are about to build an assembly line in the US to provide better service to the customers. Moreover, we are working on a system to integrate cyclists and carbon emissions, this unique model can make the rides more meaningful and intriguing.

How we built it

The ecosystem will be built for various platforms and devices. The platform will include both Android and iOS apps because both operating systems have nearly equal percentages of users in the United States.

Google Cloud Maps API: We'll be using Google Cloud Map API for receiving map location requests continuously and plot a path map accordingly. There will be metadata requests having direction, compass degrees, acceleration, speed, and height above sea level at every API request. These data features will be used to calculate reward points.

Detecting Mock Locations: The above features can also be mapped for checking irregularities in the data received.
For instance, if a customer tries to trick the system to gain undue favors, these data features can be used to see if the location request data received is sent by a mock location app or a real one. For example, a mock location app won't be able to give out varying directions. Moreover, the acceleration calculated by map request can be verified against the accelerometer sensor's values.

Fraud Prevention using Machine Learning: Our app will be able to prevent various levels of fraud by cross-referencing different users and by using Machine Learning models of usage patterns. Such patterns which will be deviant from normal usage behavior will be evident and marked.

Trusted Platform Execution: The app will be inherently secure as we will leverage the SDK APIs of phone platforms to check the integrity level of devices. It’ll be at the security level of banking apps using advanced program isolation techniques and cryptography to secure our app from other escalated processes. Our app won't work on rooted Android phones or jail-broken iPhones

Challenges we ran into

How to precisely calculate the conversion from Mileage to Carbon Credits, currently we are using our own way to convert these numbers, but in the future when we have a huge enough customers base and want to work on the individual carbon credits trading, this conversion calculation would be meticulous.

During this week, a challenge we had was to time difference among the teammates. Our IT brain is in China so it was quite challenging for us to properly and fully communicate and make sure the information flow well within the team during such a short time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are the only company that combines micro mobility with climate change, as well as use this way to protect the forest.

What we learned

We have talked to many existing and potential customers and learned a lot about their behavior patterns, preferences, social media exposure and comments on the eBike products.

We have learned a lot regarding APP design, product design, business development, and business model innovation through a lot of trial and error.

We have also learned how important partnership and relationships are and we have learned to invest a lot of time and resources into cultivating this.

Above up, we learned how fun hackathons can be!

What's next for Meego Inc

Right now we have already built up the supply chain for eBikes and the next step of our idea is to integrate resources to build an efficient service system for the current Chinese exporters.

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