Inspired by recent events, we wanted to create a tool to help workers limit the risk of getting infected from being on the frontlines. This inspired us to build a platform to streamline donation processes. From our research, we saw a couple tools that served this purpose but lacked user-friendliness and transparency of available resources.

What it does

Our app targets two main user groups: donors who have medical supplies to donate and requesters who are in need of those supplies. When users first register, they will pick whether they want to make a donation or request medical supplies. Basically, donors will be able to see a list of requests and submit a direct donation to a specific request of their choosing. Similarly, requesters will be able to see a catalog of listings and submit their request to a specific listing. After a donation is accepted on both sides, they will start a conversation to coordinate the shipping process.

How I built it

After discussing the main features our app would have, our designer created wireframes and eventually a hi-fidelity prototype to handoff to our development team.

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We created something to help the current pandemic.

What I learned

Working on a cross-functional team.

What's next for MedXchange

We would ideally deploy the finished product so real users can help frontline workers reduce potential risk of contracting illness.

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