The inspiration behind this project came from our own personal grandma and grandpa's who had lists of medications that they struggled to remember. As family members, we wanted to be able to keep track of this particularly when they see a new general practitioner, new pharmacy, go on a trip or need a new caretaker. Having a platform to easily keep track of medications by taking a single photo, converting that data into a readable format, reminders for when to take medicine and an easy way to share what you need to take with trusted people was something simple yet necessary to ensure the health of our loved ones.

What it does

MedX is a mobile application that converts image to text, identifies key words of the prescription label and filters it into separate categories (i.e. doctor name, frequency to take the medication, instructions). This can be shared with other people.

How we built it

React Native JavaScript Expo Google Natural Language API Google Cloud Vision API Node JS SQLITE 3

Challenges we ran into

Most of the team have never worked with javascript and react native before. We have had some experience with Google API but it was tough getting everything and everyone to work and communicate well in a remote working environment.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were really proud that we managed to deploy this app despite the difficulties of learning how to use javascript. When our team did the hackathon 2 years ago, we failed because we were a bunch of first years who didn't know what frontend was, but looking back on that we were able to learn from the mistakes that we made, and create what we have today.

What we learned

We learned how to connect front end with back end, git, javascript, using APIs.

What's next for MedX

Our prototype isn't the best, we still need to go in and fix some bugs particularly with sharing the prescriptions.

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