Our inspiration for the project was that our team member Aneesh, is going to Peru this summer, and will be conducting research on the healthcare industry to determine the most effective methods of specific treatments and vaccinations. He will be bringing back this research to the United States and will be working with professionals on analyzing the data from his research, for the best solution. Healthcare is not a problem that just those in Peru go through, but also those in other developing countries.

What it does

MedX allows the user to conduct research and gather data through the use of their mobile device. MedX allows its users to collect data without a wifi connection and save the data in a QR code. The QR code can then be scanned to analyze the data and create displays on a dashboard to display possible insights in data.

How we built it

MedX was built using Android Studio, HTML, CSS, Google Script, XML, Firebase, and a QR Code scanner API. We divided our team to work on different areas of the application. Two members worked on the user interface of the android application, two other members worked on the back-end of the android app, and the other member worked on the dashboard for the web application. Eventually, we integrated all of our code snippets into one platform.

Challenges we ran into

Some challenges we ran into with MedX, was piecing all of the code snippets together, because different errors would show up when each code snippet was added, so there was a lot of debugging to do.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Some accomplishments that we're proud of are that the app functions completely, has a lot of impact around the world, and has the potential to expand in other industries.

What we learned

We learned how to programming using Google Script, as well as how to use a variety of Firebase cloud services.

What's next for MedX

In the future, the concept of MedX will be expanded to multiple industries, as market research is a key concept in education and business industries. Our team also plans to apply the concept of machine learning too MedX within the data analytics.

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