MedHacks 2.0 Idea

Creators: Abhinav, Shashank, Gloria, Elquis, Ashir, and Vidhan

Our mission is to help medical device stealth innovators, both in the US and abroad, reach a wider audience with their software and hardware hacks to gain grassroots and industry-based support. This will allow them to earn widescale adoption while attracting interest from VCs and angels from across the globe.

Meet Maya, a nurse practitioner from a small town in Panama. Frustrated with the unreasonable cost of Mylan’s Epipen and its inaccessibility to healthcare insurance recipients outside a certain financial bracket, Maya designed an 8 dollar analogue to the EpiPen that is both more intuitively designed and easier to buy for the average patient. In the present, Maya has no way to publicize her “hack” to anybody outside her immediate doctor/nurse network in her Panaman town. Our app is a social network interface that allows individuals like Maya to launch their idea to receive criticism, feedback, support, adoption, evaluation, and eventually funding from other members of the healthcare community.

Medworks seeks to bring the power in medical device innovation back to innovative doctors and nurses, both to introduce competition to a multinational dominated market, as well as push the field to new heights as a whole.

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