We are constantly amazed by the innovations that are created through VR applications. However, cost has recently proven to be an issue for many individuals and families. We knew that with cost-effective devices such as Google Cardboard and Leap Motion, we could bring similar innovation at a small fraction of current prices.

What it does

Our application consists of two main parts that integrate together. The first is a VR experience that uses Google Cardboard and Leap Motion to allow users to explore the human body in 4 unique ways. By zooming with simple hand gestures and pinching objects of interest, individuals can learn more about the body in an engaging manner. The second portion is an Android application that uses voice recognition to provide diagnostics of ailments. Our project brings together innovative technology to provide health assistance and education.

How we built it

A Google Cardboard device was used along with an Android phone to provide an interactive VR experience. A Leap Motion sensor allowed for us to project the hands of users into the virtual environment. Another android phone was used for the development of the voice-recognition diagnostic companion. Information was relayed to the VR application through the use of a Firebase database.

Challenges we ran into

We originally wanted to add tracking of more objects in VR, but we had trouble finding robust libraries compatible with the Unity engine. We also found it difficult to enable precise control within the VR experience, and had trouble with video quality while using Google Cardboard.

What's next for MedVenture

In the future, we would love to take more time to add better accuracy in the tracking of objects. The use of more medically accurate 3D models would make this even more enticing for health and education markets. Our virtual environment could also be used to create immersive experiences in other fields, bringing higher quality for a much lower price. This application was a powerful proof-of-concept that can be carried on into future products.

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