We were inspired by Greek mythology. And we think that Medusa concept can work pretty good with VR devices.

What it does

In our game player plays for antique character Medusa, who was able to turn people into the stone using her deadly eye. It is a hardcore infinite game in defender genre, so main player's goal is keep alive as long as it is possible. It has 3 types of enemies - peasant, knight and wizard (Zeus).

Peasant just run and try to get the player. Knight has ability to hide sometimes behind his shield. And Zeus is an enemy with distant attack.

As it is a hardcore game one successful shoot from any enemy is equal to death.

How I built it

We used rather simple style of graphics. Usual Unity3d cubes to build the cave and and something between Clash of Clans and Minecraft styles for enemy characters.

Challenges I ran into

The biggest challenge probably was to tune the light and materials in the scene in such a way that it looks nice on the one hand, and does not really affect performance. That work is not made perfect yet, we will have to continue work on it, but we're satisfied with current level of quality.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We're proud that it is fun to play the game :)

What's next for Medusa VR

We're going to polish our visual part and balance and publish it to the store.

Built With

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Valerii Minenko posted an update

Just uploaded 4 screenshots from our game. They look rather horrible :) But we keep working. So right now our gameplay is almost ready. The biggest current problem is visual style. Our cave is too dark, and it is hard to see actually enemies. Also we need to polish our animations and FX a little bit. And of course we need better UI. Plenty of work is left!

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