Since we were all college students entering the real world, we realized that we do not really understand health insurance even though it is something that we all have. For most of us, our parents take care of our health insurance and we only carry around the card. Julie, our business and design expert, works in healthcare industry right now and said there are lots of people who are confused and overwhelmed by the terminology and the format of health insurance apps. With this input, we decided to create an app based off of Aetna's app however changed it to make it more user friendly. We named the app MEdU because we wanted to not only have a name which is catchy so people remember it but also have something that combines insurance and education.

What it does

The app has a few different functionalities, however, the most unique to our app is the glossary functionality which lists out common terms needed under the fundamentals of health insurance so it is easier to understand what is going on. Another tab we included is quick care which allows the user to see nearby physicians under their health insurance plan. After this we created the pharmacy tab to allow the user to view a quick list of prescriptions and renew prescriptions through the app. To understand more about the benefits under certain insurance plans we have a coverage of benefits tab. Finally, to file a claim or view expenses during a visit we have the file a claim and out-of-pocket expenses respectively.

How we built it

We used the Adalo online platform to create a mobile-based app to use on Androids or iPhones. Incorporated inside is the Google Cloud Platform Map API so we can display the doctor locations nearby to the user under the quick care tab.

Challenges we ran into

So there were issues in incorporating the Google Cloud Healthcare API but we learned that Adalo does not have JavaScript functionality so then we only incorporated the Google Cloud Platform Map API since there was integration through Adalo.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

All of us were first-time hackers and we did not know one another until yesterday yet we got along so well to complete the project. Also, we had no experience creating mobile applications yet we found a way to complete it.

What we learned

We learned how to use Adalo and the Google Cloud Platform API since none of us were familiar with either.

What's next for MEdU

Expecting to explore and develop further into generalizing the education in insurance benefits and transparency of insurance information for future market trend

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