Great Listener Think of MedTuner like a polite friend who happens to be a doctor... only you never have to ask her a question. When her human friends set out to put her through "medical school", they told her that she should spend most of her time listening, speak with people directly (through a Twitter direct message). For example, if someone is an expectant mother and they tweet "I'm pregnant" or "I just had a baby", she'll keep following them over time to see if they seem to be showing signs of post-partum depression. Or for rare diseases, someone might tweet "I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer :(" and she'll connect you with the latest clinical trials. Or someone might tweet "I'm going to Brazil" and she'll check if you need a vaccination for Yellow Fever.

Medical Knowledge We're still sending Dr. MedTuner through medical school -- and she's learning quickly. Under the tutelage of Henry Wei, M.D. she has studied over 6000 side effects of drugs, behavioral health, travel medicine, and even knows what clinical trials are going on. She's not perfect yet -- but she has endless patience & stamina, a perfect memory, and she never needs to sleep. And she doesn't even have ask a single question (yet). All she has to do is listen. She has studied large health data sets including the NIH/NLM Unified Medical Language System (UMLS), the NIH MedlinePlus data set, the CDC Travelers' Health site & 2012 Yellow Book, and information about the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

Personalized Artificial Intelligence Dr. MedTuner can seem a bit shy, but she's actually pretty smart. Nayan Jain helped her become a great learner. She has been taught how to multiple tweets to understand you longitudinally, across time -- not just at a single tweet, not just a point in time. She has a Natural Language Processing module that supports Bayesian classification. She has a rules engine that can scale to a broad set of medical knowledge. And she was taught all this in less than 30 days, as part of the Health 2.0 Developers' World Cup.

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