As we find ourselves in the midst of a global pandemic, we are seeing strain on medical resources that pose a significant threat to our healthcare systems. Supplies such as ventilators and masks are being consumed rapidly, and powerful governments have failed to find an effective way to monitor and distribute these resources to areas of need. We were motivated by this lack of organization to create MEDTRAK, facilitating this process immensely.

What it does

MEDTRAK is a decentralized, blockchain web application that tracks hospital supplies as they move through the nation. Hospitals in America log-on our application as a member of the blockchain, and from there, they will provide information regarding their stock of medical supplies, as well as demands for how many supplies they need. This provided information can be seen by suppliers - whom are most likely government bodies - and they can easily see where they need to allocate their resources. It also gives them an accurate projection of how much they need to accelerate production, or whether they need to resort to international negotiations to facilitate trade with other supplying countries. Through MetaMask, the suppliers will be able to perform and oversee transactions of supplies in a trust-less and secure fashion.

How we built it

Our web application was built with HTML/CSS/JS and using the React framework. We used MongoDB for our database purposes, and the Google Maps API for visually representing all of the U.S hospitals on our website. For the blockchain part of our project, we used Solidity to create and compile smart contracts which store data on the blockchain. We used MetaMask for our transactions and interacts with the smart contracts.

Challenges we ran into

Some of the challenges that we ran into were managing the MetaMask transaction, as it was a crucial part of our demo that kept bugging in tests. Solidity was also presenting lots of errors, and we had to receive extensive mentor assistance for our backend to function.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of laying out a detailed road map at the start of the hackathon, and sticking to that road map throughout the entire process, accomplishing all of our goals. This detailed phase of preparation allowed us to finish all portions of our hack with significant time to spare. This hackathon was also a great learning experience for all of us, as we used technologies that were pretty new to us, but we were able to learn and come out as more experienced hackers!

What we learned

Our frontend team learned how to use Google Maps API, and implemented it into our hack for the visual representation regarding different hospitals in America, and different supplies in each specific hospitals. For our backend team, we learned how to use IPFS, and furthered our knowledge on the complex and broad field of research that is blockchain development.

What's next for MEDTRAK

We plan to deploy this website and make this available for everyone to see, so we can actually move forward with making our hack an actual solution that can be used to fight off this pandemic.

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