MedTracker - Let your phone remember for you

_App Description: _ MedTracker is a web application targetting people that are taking pills on a regular basis. We pride ourselves on our ingenuine login mechanism which encrypts our user's credentials, providing a high-level level of security for our users. To use our application all you need is a valid e-mail address and a phone number.

Once you have registered with us, head to the login portal and enter your details. On the main page, users will find 4 pages: Contact Us, About, PillClock, History and AddPillTime.

The first two web pages provide straightforward information about this application as well as how to reach our team.

AddPillTime section lets our users add prescriptions reminders, specifying the duration of the prescription, the frequency and any additional information that one might want to include (e.g. "take before breakfast" or "only take it after exercise"). We have simplified the whole reminder process by using the Nexmo SMS API which takes care of the sending of messages to our users' phone numbers, all using a transparent framework that does not require us to ever share of our users' data.

History is a dedicated webpage that will show our users a list of all their past prescriptions.

PillClock is a dedicated webpage that shows the current clock on our website, based on the current time. Every time one of our user's adds a prescription, one pill will be added to the associated hour, to let our users know in real-time their current pill schedule.

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