We were inspired by many friends and family members who have to take medications on a frequent basis but do not remember to do so. This device is designed to be a friendly machine that makes the process of consuming necessary medications nice and simple.

What it does

This device takes in input from the user about what medications he or she wants dispensed and in what quantity. Depending on this input, MEDTracker dispenses the medicine at the right time.

How we built it

The hardware was designed in Solidworks and OnShape (a cloud based CAD program), and rapidly prototyped using both laser cutters and 3d printers. All materials we used are readily available, such as mdf fiberboard and acrylic plastic, which would drive down the cost of our product. On the software side, we used an Arduino Uno to power four full-rotation continuous servos. With simple keyboard inputs, the user can interact with the system and control the dispensing of the medications.

Challenges we ran into

After initially developing the concept, we quickly ran into a number of challenges. First, as freshman participating in our second hackathon, we were relatively inexperienced in the usage of a number of skills and tools. However, we tried to get around this to the best of our ability by quickly assimilating new knowledge and rapidly gaining experience with new techniques. Furthermore, at first we hoped to create an app and link it with our hardware using a wifi board. We nearly completed the development of our android app and our necessary arduino technology, but when we tried to link it together, we struggled with complications with the Penn network. Then, we were able to work out a bluetooth solution but did not have enough time to fully implement it. Going forward, we hope to retain our experiences with these challenges as learning experiences and become better engineers.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to have learned so much about so many new concepts that we had to explore in order to develop this project.

What we learned

We learned a significant amount about coding in some languages, especially Arduino, and about connecting various aspects of a relatively large-scale project.

What's next for MEDTracker

In the future, we would like to complete the android app controlling the device with wifi connection. The app would allow us to time the dispensing as well, but although we started this, we were unable to finish this aspect in the limited time frame and trouble with wifi networks.

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