Electronic Medical Records are widely used but not shared between hospital often or easily. Patients can also easily loose all their paper medical records or accidentally misreport medical history. A unified medical record system could be more efficient and even life saving in some instances. But what are the challenges that come with that?

Our vision for MedTogether

A system for storing and communicating electronic health records. It provides a convenient way for any healthcare provider to access medical history of their patient. And makes is easy for a patient to provide medical information to hospitals. Additionally, a patient should be able to control who has access to their medical information.

How we built it

  • BackEnd: utilizes a blockchain implementation as its data structure.....
  • py script for showing blockchain implementation
  • FrontEnd: (unable to link with backend)

Challenges we ran into

There were several challenges we ran into. One of our biggest challenges was our unfamiliarity with blockchain. This was our first time working with blockchain, it took up a large amount of time and a large amount of brain cells. Another challenge that we encountered was the scope of our project. There were a lot of implementations to worry about as well as numerous legality issues like patient permissions in extreme circumstances that we couldn't address in our project. Due to our limited time and resources, we could not tackle every single issue we encountered or implement every desired feature.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Despite the numerous obstacles encountered, we managed to produce a functional blockchain implementation. With a member that is new to hackathons and web development, we are proud that they were able to develop several webpages.

What we learned

We gained a much better understanding of blockchain as well as valuable experience creating a user interface for users to access a database. We also learned some design techniques, by having an extensive design/planning process.

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