Several of our group members have had unfortunate experiences with past misdiagnoses. We felt that being able to have not just a second, but a third or a fourth pair eyes look over a patient's situation increases accuracy in diagnoses, benefitting both the doctor and the patient. By automating this process, we save both the physicians and the patients time and money.

What it does

This application aims to simplify healthcare by increasing the efficacy of the diagnostic process. As a proof of concept, this application not only eliminates the need for multiple trips to doctors offices, but also provides readily available medical advice from various medical professionals, whether it be from a live chat or just submitting a patient chart to doctors, specialized to favor their own concentrations in medicine.

How we built it

By using Android Studio and integrating it with several libraries, including Spark libraries for chat bots, we were able to create a fully developed android application that takes advantage of a firebase database to provides real time data to doctors and patients. We also created a Web version of the application, so both the caregivers and the patients can view the same information at the comfort of their own homes on larger screens.

Challenges we ran into

We were quite unprepared to tackle the challenges of backend development. Furthermore, time management was also a problem, so the development of some parts of the applications were more rushed than others.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Although there were bumpy roads along the way, we were able to hand in a project that we were satisfied with.

What we learned

We were introduced to backend development, and realized how difficult it was. We struggled a lot with it but we now have a much firmer idea of what it entails. Also, we have gained a lot of experience regarding front end development.

What's next for MedTech

With time constraints, the chat bot is very glitchy and does not provide much valuable information. With more time, it would be more beneficial to both patients and doctors if the chatting feature provided real time messaging and conversation between a patient and a real doctor to provide much needed medical advice at a moments notice.

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