It has been a long-standing problem that healthcare is not easily accessible to everyone. For example, people living in rural communities have to take a long ride to visit a clinic Even now, We see that COVID-19 has pushed our society to find new ways to access healthcare besides physically visiting a clinic.

This is why we are passionate about creating an online platform called MedSpace. With this web application. We aim to improve people's life by enabling easy access to healthcare services and advice, regardless of where they live.

We would like to first start by targeting people with Diabetes. Then expands to people with other health conditions. Eleven million Canadians are living with Diabetes or prediabetes. Diabetes is a condition where your body can't produce insulin or cannot properly use insulin. And insulin is very important in regulating your blood glucose level. High blood glucose level damages organs, blood vessels and nerves, leading to higher risk complications of heart disease, neuropathy, hearing and vision loss. Life-style management and medication management are keys to managing Diabetes. Including healthy eating, exercise level, blood glucose monitoring

MedSpace is the web app that provides support to people with Diabetes, allowing personalized care-management service without having to talk face-to-face with a doctor when they have a question or need an update on their care plan.

What it does

It includes five main features

  1. It allows people to track their medical activities easily (Food logs, blood glucose level, and exercise level).
  2. Schedule virtual appointments with healthcare providers.
  3. Access to education resources relevant to their conditions (e.g. tutorial on using blood glucose meter and do carbohydrate counting).
  4. Order a prescription refill or new medication.
  5. Review electronic records of their test results (e.g. blood test).

What makes this platform even more powerful is that individual health records are being stored in a very organized and detailed way. With a personalized dashboard, not only individual user in our platform gets to have an understanding of their health records. Doctors and nurses living in other areas of the world will be able to log in and review patients’ profiles and deliver consulting services.

How I built it

We use Figma to show the prototype of our web app. We use Python and Flask to build a login and authentication page for user to register. We coded for the medical log form and stored user's input into their profile database. We used Kaggles' datasets to calculate the nutrition contents in foods.

Challenges I ran into

limited experience in web development. New to Figma, Flask and Kaggle. Had many coding errors that we have to troubleshoot and watched many tutorials to learn new things quickly. Finding the relevant database in Kaggle and incorporate into our code.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Have a nice workflow of our web app's design using figma. Were able to get some key features up and running (login/authen page, medical log, nutrition converter).

What I learned

Have grit !! Insight into telehealth. New technical skills in figma, flask, kaggle.

What's next for MedSpace

Reach more people. We want to expand our service to people with other health condition. For example, people with orthopaedic condition that needs tailored recovery plan.

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