We Indians have very rich background of ayurveda and yoga. I see people struggling with day-to-day health discomfort and short term illnesses. I wanted to give our resources an exposure to whole community and world. Internet can connect people. I want to make use of it and ease people's life. Indians have remedies for short term illnesses and diseases. From sore throat to body aches, we have abundance of remedies passed from our previous generations. I wanted to help outer country people by populating our remedies.

What it does

I have implemented StackOverflow but for medical use. User can register himself and ask questions on the platform. For sake of asking, answering, commenting user must sign in. Else he/she can access whole data without logging in and read through questions and answers.

How I built it

I started project on 9th of October at 09:00 AM and finished it on 10th of October at 07:50 PM IST. I managed my time to work on the project for more and more time. I took help of stackoverflow and youtube but django's official docs helped me most.

Challenges we ran into

I felt like I ran out of time. I am sorry that my video does not have sound, I couldn't manage time and hence, my video does not have sound. This is my first time so I couldn't manage time really.

Accomplishments that I am proud of

I learnt most of backend in this short period of time. I feel proud that I completed project in such short time period which I would have invested weeks otherwise.

What we learned

I learnt many things such as routing, requests, URLs, views, modelling and templates, but most important thing I learnt I can think of is time management.

What's next for medsoverflow

I want people to use my platform which is going to help community itself. I want everyone to make use of India's rich medical treasure to ease their lives. Purpose of my participation is to ease life, which would be satisfied then!

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