We were driven by a desire to give people access to more resources to combat mental health issues that have become more apparent in the past year as well as helping them self-diagnose physical ailments to reduce potential exposure at the doctor's office.

What it does

It gives people resources to help cope with stress and loneliness, and learn what physical illnesses they might have based off of the symptoms that they input. The site also has information pages to learn more about the different illnesses, their symptoms, and how to treat it at home if possible, or if they need to seek immediate medical attention.

How I built it

The website is built with HTML and CSS and the backend is run with JavaScript. The database of diseases and symptoms was ingested from Kaggle ( Our site uses JavaScript to run the search process and various other UI/UX aspects to make the experience as fluid and intuitive as possible.

Challenges I ran into

We learned JavaScript during the hackathon. Without any prior experience, it was a struggle to integrate it with the HTML pages and have the search code run smoothly. During the hackathon, we also struggled with unstable wi-fi.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We learned JavaScript in a very short period of time and effectively implemented it throughout the site. We dynamically generated buttons with destination urls based on the user's previous inputs using JavaScript and cookies. We discovered a calming and minimalistic aesthetic for the website that improves the user experience. We learned to utilize Figma to generate our website layout with improved customization and organization. Best of all, everything works exactly as intended.

What I learned

I learned JavaScript and how to integrate it with a website to improve user experience and add functionality.

What's next for MedSearch

The database will be expanded to contain even more information and potential diseases to give the best diagnosis possible for the users. Due to time constraints, the design is on the simple side but we'll add to it later on. We started working on an Android app, but didn't manage to finish it in time. The app will be completed sometime during winter quarter.

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