Mobile devices are used all over the world. Everyday new devices are incoming into the market with innovative options, thanks to growing technology. Almost every household has one or more people suffering from a chronic or any other illness. It becomes a problem keeping track of time to take medication. Taking your medication on different times is very dangerous, it can cause serious illness or even death. MedRem is a mobile application designed to remind users to take their medication on time and keep healthy. Compliance with medication ensures the drug's effectiveness and reduces the risk of unfavorable events. MedRem is user-friendly. It offers personalized reminders for each day, and it also sends a next of kin an alert for a missed medication reminder. MedRem aids you to stay in control of your health. MedRem plans on allowing users to order medication through us and we'll deliver with a fee. Medrem has a doctors amd pharmacist search engine to allow our uses to find help near their homes.

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