Heart is the most important organ of our body and its really important to take care of our heart. So we have made a heart disease predictor that allows the doctor to analyse and predict whether a person is prone to heart problems like heart attack etc. It comes with a chatbot for interaction as well as a doctor-patient chat interface to connect with the doctor. Most of the people don’t get to know whether their heart is prone to disease or not so this project will them in analysing it and then connecting to a doctor for treatment.

What it does

Our project a lot of functions :

1)There is a login page where you put your details for logging in

2) Then the user has to enter all his details and based on his details it will be predicted whether his heart is healthy or not

3)If it is not healthy then it will show the diseases that the user might get and it would make you connect to a well qualified doctor which would help you in your treatment.

4) A health care Chatbot to diagnose diseases and reduce workload of doctors

5) A chat feature so that doctors and patient can communicate.

6) A Disease Predictor which can predict based on given symptoms.

How I built it

We have used different programming lanuages for making this project:






Challenges I ran into

The accurate predictions, the red or green annotations for safe or unsafe limits for heart symptoms and also integrating the chatbot feature where symptoms had to be collected and stored in runtime and probable outputs.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of having achieved a full functional application that has an interactive chatbot and doctor-patient chat in addition to the heart analysis and disease prediction features. The application is seamless in function and provides doctors with a simplified analysis of a patient's heart issues. We have also successfully provided a chatbot for patients to clear their queries in addition to the doctor-patient chat. The entire application has accomplished our aim of providing simplified heart disease analysis and prediction.

What I learned

It was a wonderful experience and I got to learn a lot of things such as team work ,unity etc . I got a chance to explore and learn new technologies such as django ,tensor flow etc. We even got to know about the different heart problems and different diseases and their treatment. It was a wonderful experience and I hope to participate in many more hackathons like these

What's next for MEDPLUS

Whats next for MEDPLUS?

1) continuous enhancing of the the prediction model, adding more medical features and data for better learning.

2) Improving the performance of the chatbot so that, even with the unavailability of doctors, it can work seam lessly and diagnose accurately just like an experienced doctor.

3) MEDEASY aims to to integrate visualizations and trends and patient performance when they are diagnosed with some diseases, so that they get constant updates about their status and stay motivated towards healthy living.

4) integration with health trackers for severe patients cases so that continuous monitoring could be done , with regular updates as notifications to doctors dashboard

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