We were inspired by good health and well-being and bringing quality information, tips, tools, resources, and help to all, including those with limited internet access.

What it does

Our project covers almost all aspects of health and well-being. It calculates BMI and gives personalized suggestions based on it. It gives info on the different common illnesses present and also gives tips on nutrition and how to keep a healthy diet. We also provide aid for people suffering from mental health problems like tips and an interactive game which was created by Mohammed beforehand, which we just used as an extra resource. We also offer a forum website for those who need more personalized suggestions which are altered to their personal needs and for those who want to contribute to the health and well-being of all. We also provide contact information for those who want to share their research on their topic or the initiative they are doing on a specific continent.

How we built it

We built our main website with unity and coded it with C#. We also made a forum website using Weebly and Bravenet. We made it user-friendly by using bright buttons which take the user to different pages for easy access to the different tools we provide. We used various different websites to do research on the topic of health and well-being to provide our users with the best information possible.

Challenges we ran into

At first, we couldn't support some of our earlier ideas due to the time and technical limitations we experiences. Mohammed has some experience with unity and Joshua has no experience with unity. Neither of us has experience with developing an app with unity before. It's also our first hackathon.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we could build an app that helps people with almost all kinds of health-related problems like information, different specialized tools, and tips and resources. We are also proud that we could build the app without much previous experience and have enough time to finish a decent quality app. Joshua is proud that through the hackathon experience, he was able to learn about unity.

What we learned

We learned to design and create apps using Unity. Joshua learned a lot about Unity during this hackathon, and Mohammed learned to make apps using Unity, and we both learned a lot of information and initiatives about health in other continents. We also realized that making a huge project with too many resources is also overwhelming for the users, and our simple user-friendly design helps people use our tools and get information easily.

What's next for MedPedia

A lot of our site links to information to different sites with information. In the future, we plan to have them natively on our app, and for our research and initiative sharing, we plan to make that available on our app instead of on the forum website, which we couldn't do due to technical limitations. We also plan to make our app available on phones and other portable devices.

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