Combining the aspects of social media with having a buddy system.

What it does

MedPals is a site whose goal is to bring those suffering from similar medical conditions together. Instead of making a simple support group page, our website works to create one-on-one connections. For example, two children with cystic fibrosis may find each other on MedPals and rely on each other to remember to take their prescriptions, to live healthy life styles and to act as outlets for one another so that they realize that they aren't alone. It can also act as a way to connect the parents of these children because they suffer as well, and MedPals offers them a way to realize that they aren't alone.

How we built it

Python, Flask, and HTML

Challenges we ran into

Not knowing how to use Flask. The website is not storing user input into its database.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Using Flask for the very first time. Getting close to creating a functional database

What we learned


What's next for Medpals

Developing a fully functional website. Spreading it to doctors so they could tell patients to put it in use.

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