Most people would prefer to live in their own homes in their old age, rather than in nursing homes. But living independently can be scary when a fall or a medical emergency could mean a one-way trip to the hospital


So to overcome this problem we have made MEDO a medication alert app for older ones which can make independent live safer.

What it does

*Medo is a medication alert application used for giving alerts to aged peoples to remind of about their intake of medicines.

*The Application gives a text to Speech description reminder about their medicine as prescribed by the doctor

*The App is compatible with all Android version above 4.0 & it can also made compatible with wearable devices

App Features

*The App could be use by everyone but is especially prepared for aged people *Big buttons and text fields make the App very easy to use for old age people *They can also add a description about each of their medicines. *Define as many medicines as they need & text to speech feature will help person with sight disability

Application of MEDO

*People with absent minded can use MEDO *Aged People with sight disability *Office going individual can make a reminder alert for their aged parents to take of medicines using Medo

APK Can be downloaded using the link given below :

Working Video :

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