Even before Covid had struck us, the health sector has always been like stepping into a maze. From getting diagnosed with deadly symptoms and diseases to lack of communication amongst family members which ultimately leads to drifting apart and finally falling into depression. Our Health should always be prioritized. So Mednet helps us in achieving our dreams to improve the experience of going through a painful journey.

What it does

MedNet helps in connecting family members in a better way and always keeps them well-knitted together. It focuses on helping the patient in a much more effective way, with their pillar of supports always by their side. Medicines, prescriptions, donations & funds, communication, and transactions can be performed in a more smooth and efficient manner.

How we built it

MedNet was built majorly using React. We had incorporated Firebase for Google authentication, and have safely stored the chats, images, and all the history of messages between a patient, doctor, and their family members.

Challenges we ran into

This was our first time using and working with React, and it was a sure roller-coaster ride! We ran through quite a few errors, including authenticating a Firebase Google connection, but we emerged out to be successful in the end!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We've successfully built and deployed our Chat application - "MedNet". We're sure that this would bring about a revolutionalizing change in the Health Sector altogether. Wanting to help and improve communications, along with the family members in the loop is all that we wanted to achieve.

What we learned

We for sure have learned a lot about React, and have dug a bit deeper into the concepts for better implementation and approach towards our project. Learning about Firebase google authentication was a joyride as well. All in all, we learned a lot of new technologies in a short span of time.

What's next for MedNet

The future looks bright for Mednet! Our future development is to incorporate a copy button along with the microphone provided in the chat application, in order to ease the process of delivering a message, that may include prescriptions, medicines, and all sorts of medical-related terms! We would also love to incorporate a Deep learning model for our Voice recognition so that it recognizes medical terms in a better way!


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