The frustrations of fellow inpatient pharmacists, physicians and nurses.

What it does

Goal is to assure safety and efficiency with use of medications. A cloud based software that takes orders as inputs either via an API or HL7 interface and allows pharmacists to process orders for delivery to an automated dispensing machine and or to the patient's room.

How I built it

Based on the phoenix framework as a backend and javascript, html and css for the web, android and iOS for mobile interfaces of frontend

Challenges I ran into

Identifying and interviewing hospital customers

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Running a business, understanding inpatient and outpatient pharmacy workflows, learning to code in multiple languages, putting an app on appstore and having a beautiful family.

What I learned

That there is always something exciting and new to learn

What's next for MedMana

Customer interviews to move the product from prototype to build

Built With

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