Alexa: "Both of my parents have more than one chronic condition and receive prescriptions from multiple specialists, but since none of these physicians knows what the other is prescribing, the burden of keeping meticulous records falls on my parents. If they forget to list something, their doctor could prescribe them a medication that dangerously inhibits or intensifies something they're already taking. Even some over-the-counter medications, such as Tylenol and NyQuil, cannot be taken together because they contain the same active ingredients. Without an easy way to log medication and predict potential adverse drug reactions, patients fall into a disappointingly large group of the American population that may die from preventable causes."

What it does

Jorge: "MedLog is an Android app that conveniently stores current prescriptions for patient reference. It takes advantage of pharmaceutical databases already in existence to screen every new medication for potential adverse drug interactions. There is also a profile page that allows you to put in your personal information such as age, weight, height, medical conditions, and any lifestyle choices that may affect what medication you can take."

How we built it

Henry:"We used Android Studio to craft an interface that places the patient at the center of his or her own care."

Challenges we ran into

Nick:"I had never programmed in Android Studio before, so my ability to grasp the immediate applications of recently-acquired knowedge was greatly tested at times."

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Alexa:"24 hours ago, we had no idea, no direction, and no app development experience. The amount of creative growth we've experienced as a team over the course of one short weekend is truly astounding."

What we learned

Nick:"Coding is hard, but coffee makes my hands shake. All jokes aside, Android Studio was new to all of us and implementing our design required a large learning curve to be cleared. I know we all learned a lot about coding in Android Studio even though it was extremely frustrating at times.”"

What's next for MedLog

Henry:"We plan on utilizing Amazon's deep learning software to log new medications via photo recognition. In much the same way that Amazon provides facial recognication by comparing a new image to a massive database of pre-existing images, our app will intake a photo of a pill, and based on its shape, size, and unique drug imprint, compare it to a list of identified pills in the database."

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