Medical Reconciliation is an important process of a clinical session that requires collecting and maintaining a list of patient's current medicine intake. Compared to the great importance of this process, unfortunately, it lacks accuracy in terms of collection and maintenance of all medication, which introduces inevitable adverse drug incidents. Some medications are either forgotten, resulting in no record of them, or the record is simply scattered with no organized approach for medical staff to access them together. We used this as our motivation to build MediRecords application. MediRecords app facilitates a list of patient's medication that can be accessed by medical staff at the patient's consent. MediRecords was created to improve current ways of medication reconciliation, which often results in omissions, duplications, dosing errors, and adverse drug interactions.  MediRecords helps verify accurate dosages and provides a current and dependable tool to keep patients' medication history easily accessible and available altogether.

What it does

MediRecords app allows patients to take images of the prescriptions of medicines they are currently taking. The drug name with its dosage is then stored into a record of all their medication. MediRecords also allows doctors and pharmacies to access patients' records given the patient has given them consent to view their medication history.

How we built it

Medical Reconciliation has been an extensive area of research over the past few years that aim to keep a track of the medicine intake of a patient including the drug name, dosage, frequency, and route. There have been several third-party applications over the years deployed in both Android as well as other platforms that keep track of the medical history of a patient which includes there illness and associated medicine intake. However, often time itis seen that a patient tends to forget their prescribed medicine in times of need. Thus, there arises a situation where lack of proper knowledge of the existing medication of a patient leads to inaccurate treatment in hospitals. Thus, there is a growing need to develop a patient-centric application that store medicine intake history of a patient in an organized way which further assists hospitals and doctors for proper treatment. In this project, we present MediRecords, a Google vision-based android application that allows a patient to keep a track of the existing medicine intake which paves the way towards efficient treatment.

This process involves accurately collecting information concerning the medication history of a patient. Often the medicine prescribed by a doctor is forgotten by a patient during visits to hospitals. There are circumstances where a patient can randomly buy medicine without any proper advice from a doctor. Under such circumstances, it is often difficult for a hospital to prescribe certain medications to a patient without knowing the current medication habits of the patient. MediRecords proves a savior under such situation. A patient can simply click pictures of a medicine strip/bottle or a doctors prescription and upload it into the application. Thereafter, MediRecords extracts the associated text of the image uploaded by the patient and stores information about the medicine into a database.

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