When looking at the problems the aging population faced, we realized that one of the problems was the fact that many elderly felt isolated as they stayed at home, and their relative inactivity made them feel "old" or even purposeless. We believed that by fixing this problem early, we could help address physical and mental health problems that may occur later in their lives. As we knew that our parents' generation were heading towards their retirement, we wanted to make a solution. So, we came up with an idea for a customizable app, one that took the user's preferences and recommended them hobbies, activities, and music. This way, they will feel more motivated, and we hoped that by matching to what they wanted, be able to make them feel young again. We had challenges on creating an app, as we were not experienced in app or website development. Therefore, we decided to create a UI design to express what we envisioned. Using Adobe XD, we assembled what we pictured in our idea. If our app did become developed to a full app, we believe it will be a simple solution to support the overall well-being of the aging population, and that it has potential to grow into a more effective solution. For example, we thought that if Medley allowed users to connect and chat based on interests, it would more directly solve the problem of isolation (especially during the pandemic), and integration with other apps/platforms might allow for better integration with senior care homes and health centers.

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