What it does

A phone app that allows patients to track and store their lifestyle and symptom data to have it readily accessible, thoroughly documented and ready to share with their physician.

How I built it

Low-fi paper prototypes for ideation and showing our key target customer. Figma mock-ups for the high-fi prototypes. Iteration on the visual design of figma prototypes. Swift in xcode for front-end mobile tech development.

Challenges I ran into

Had to align on the main functionality we should focus on for the app to address a specific pain point to allow for all team members to feel by-in. Alignment as to which features we should include on the home page.

One of our engineers left. We dropped the heat map idea to locate doctors & pivoted to a consumer facing mobile app focused on daily habits and behavior tracking.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Built the idea from user research phase to live prototype in Figma and Xcode in only 2 days!

What I learned

How to interact with and lead a team of people committed to a cause they find meaningful, driving us to focus on process while keep design at the core of the product while hitting our key target goal to finish our presentation slides by 12:30 PM on the second day. We also are leaving with new colleagues and a new piece to talk about in interviews and to add to our portfolios.

What's next for Medley

Considering working on it more on the weekends (we all have full time jobs), recruit engineers and data scientists, and apply for a grant from a healthtech incubator like Rock Health after we have the business model and key product offerings finished in our mockups.

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