In 2019 alone almost 27% of people die due to late diagnosis and misdiagnosis to prevent this from occurring we are trying to help with an application-based platform.

What it does

It is a rapid action platform to cope with the need for an ambulance during an emergency or in any other situation. This platform makes use of an app that helps the user to communicate to the nearest hospital. It can store information about the medications used by the patient so that the doctors can have a clear idea about the patient.

How we built it

This project has been built with a lot of love, motivation, and Java. Other tools we used are- 1) Android studio 2) Firebase 3) Maps API

Challenges we ran into

It was a challenge for us to integrate the Maps API with the android application, for finding the nearest hospital to the patient's current address, and sending a request for an Ambulance.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of building this app-based platform that makes it much more accessible to the patient as well as the doctor.

What we learned

It was great fun participating in this MedHack, met a lot of people, and got to learn a lot from them about hackathons in general.

What's next for MedLantern

Till now we have implemented the patients part, we are looking forward to implementing the Hospital side as well which will be even better

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