Mental health is quite disturbed in this pandemic of quite a few people , so to sooth them I had this idea

What it does

You can listen to peaceful music, create you own custom music by using pre installed presets or you can also add songs or sounds from your phone. User can set frequency of a sound like if they set the frequency 1 min and the song is whole 1 hour, so after every min the sound he selected would play .You can see the stats of the total listening you did : Today, Overall , this Week etc

How I built it

I built it using Flutter and Bloc

Challenges I ran into

main challenge was to make the user upload their own songs mix them with pre installed presets and create a whole new song and also the stats part gave me some tears so I have some dummy data in it and the UI , it took some time for creating the Ui alone

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

UI and UX is cool I guess I did a good job and for pulling of these type of features in app made using flutter, as the language is fairly new , its tough . You dont get much info on google or youtube on how to do stuff. But their website is way too good and I was able to understand flutter real quick

What I learned

Mainly app state management using bloc

What's next for MediwiveR

I think i'll make some more features and then publish it on app and play store

Built With

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