For many individuals, the largest barrier to entry regarding programming and computer science is intimidating language syntaxes, so we decided to choose Scratch as the programming platform of choice since it caters to everyone's programming capabilities. We especially thought it would be cool to allow someone who hasn't code a line of code in their lives to control actual, human appliances using essential code structures.

What it does

mediumware is essentially an ecosystem that allows individuals to wireless control the behavior of certain devices. In the span of this Hackathon, however, we were able to wirelessly signal LED's and wirelessly use scratch to make API requests.

How I built it

Snap4Arduino, NodeJs, Javascript, BYOB Scratch, Particle Photon

Challenges I ran into

Very little documentation on the emerging technologies and obsolete ones.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It's our first hackathon, and we used a great variety of different technologies (-hence 'middle'ware)

What I learned

There are a lot of interesting problems that we can solve using very simple platforms such as Scratch and that not everything needs a complicated architecture in order to be solved.

What's next for mediumware

In the grand scheme of things, we would like to use the electrical wiring and existing circuitry to direct the current to a switch/relay in order to power larger electrical appliances.

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