MediStock was inspired by the need for medical devices/supplies in Conflict Countries, especially Ukraine, that are in urgent need due to a humanitarian crisis or disease outbreaks.

What it does

MediStock matches donors with hospitals that are in need and seeks to provide those hospitals with the supplies they need, when they need them. We also provide a live update of medical stocks in every healthcare.

How we built it

We used a matching algorithm to connect hospitals to donors by prioritizing hospitals with highest need. The matching algorithm uses a priority system that is scalable and intuitive and helps to categorize the needed frequency in three categories, low, medium and high.

Challenges we ran into

  • Trying to create an algorithm that is bias free
  • Working in different time zones
  • Lacking sleep

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Finishing for the first time web design mock up in 24 hours
  • Solving a real-world public health problem
  • Preparing the world for the next pandemic

What we learned

  • Mocking up with Figma especially how to match colors so it will be pleasing to see
  • Job management inside team
  • Team work
  • Health condition in countries who are in conflict
  • More aware of any problems happening around us
  • To give the best whatever it takes

What's next for MediStock

  • Launch pilot app in the US, accept registrations for donors and hospitals in need
  • Meet WHO & Federal guidelines for medical device donations
  • Engage charities, hospitals, and organizations
  • Campaign to raise awareness
  • Scale globally

Built With

  • figma
  • google-slides
  • video
  • web
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