Purpose & Motivation​

During the COVID-19 situation, it makes us realize the risk of getting infected while you stay at the hospital and the struggle of the elderly and visual impairment who living alone. These people have to take care of themselves and it becomes harder when they get sick. Some of them have a hard time when taking medicine, they can remember when they have to take it and which medicine they have to use. The most important thing is the risk of misuse medicine which can cause non-compliance or taking an overdose. Finally, it can lead to a serious health issue.​

How this application works.

An application will tell the information of medicine description and caution from “ya and you website” and show it in the form of Thai sound. This app also reminds the time to take medicine and keep the medical record in your profile. ​

How this application was developed​.

We will develop our application on android and iOS platform because it easy to access when compare to web app. Moreover, the design of UI/UX is suitable for our user by make it clean, easy message to understand with simply icon. The information of medicine instruction and caution were scraped from trustable website in Thailand then change all text information to Thai sound. We set the reminding time by ask user to fill information of medicine description by themselves and it will remind them when they have to take a medicine and how is it look like such as tell the color of medicine pill or its packaging.​

Difficulties & Challenges you faced​

The efficiency in processing text to speech by using Vaja API software.​ The efficiency in detect medicine name on its label.​ The method to get the information of medicine from its commercial name.​ The method to automate filling medicine information for reminders.​ Method to make a partnership with hospital and drug store.​Method to implement this system to individual hospital and clinical system.​ Pateint information security.​

Go-to-Market Evaluation (How will this product be made scalable and accessible to the public?)​

For the first period, we will let our users use this application for free to get the customer base. This will help us to get the information and can develop more features in the application. After we gain more customer base, we will cooperate with the hospital in Thailand to help them develop the hospital system. Our application can join with the original hospital system by adding more functions and can reduce the workload of pharmacists on dispensing prescriptions. Income will be getting from our service with helping on develop hospital systems with our application which will get around 300$ per year depend on service that hospital need.

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