We had a live demo but core functionality wasn't working fully in testing so presenting mockups only.

Medical records are some of the most sensitive and private pieces of information we own. But of course when we need treatment, we want our doctors to be able to access them.   Imagine if you lost all your records or even if you did have them, were worried about handing them over to a doctor because of fear of being identified and not being allowed to travel out of the country? This is the situation millions of refugees face each year so we took up the Techfugees challenge of helping refugees store and manage their medial records anonymously.

With Medishare, refugees can create an account with a non-personal  username and secure it using their voice identity. For this demo a refugee is granting limited-time access to their account on a doctor's device and instead of using the microphone we have a recording of their memorable sentence (play sentence). So true! Now let's submit it.   Using the VoiceIt API, the voice input is matched to the originals and providing 85% confidence, we are authenticated.

After this, the doctor can view historical records with redacted personal information and add new data like prescriptions with the write access the refugee granted. All inputs are time- and doctor-tagged but the patient always stays anonymous to authorities.

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