Medical reception staff are overworked, and COVID 19 has only made this problem worse. Many GP clinics now require patients to be checked in, and reception staff are also required to ensure that patients are wearing PPE correctly.

In a recent survey run by the National Health Survey in the UK, over 30 percent of participants indicated they found it difficult to reach their GP over the phone, due to excessive wait times on hold.

Patients are waiting on hold longer each year trying to reach their GP

What it does

MediSec provides an out of the box Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system for GPs using DrChrono.

MediSec’s custom built, smart digital assistant Olivia can handle many tasks over the phone, freeing up human staff for more important work.

How we built it

DrChrono APIs

Including authentication, appointment, doctor and patient endpoints

Amazon Lex

Provides the smarts behind Olivia, our custom built digital medical receptionist

Amazon Connect

Handles all of the telephony and routing for MediSec

Amazon Lambda

Fulfils all of the requests and integrates with DrChrono

Challenges we ran into

This was the first time we had combined Amazon Lex, Amazon Connect and Amazon Lambda with. a third party API. After initially spending some time working out the technical architecture, we were able to get all our services integrated to create this project. It would be great if the DrChrono API doco had examples of payloads and responses, or a definition of what different parameter are, e.g. what format do I send a date in?

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We feel that we have been able to create a service that will have a significant impact on both patient and GP practice experience and efficiency.

What we learned

We have learnt a lot about the DrChrono API and product, as well as how GP practices run in general.

What's next for MediSec

We hope to develop our product further and have it more tightly integrated into DrChrono, as well as providing our own UI for GPs to further customise the IVR flows and experience for patients.

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