MediSafe is a data-driven Medication Management Platform - Designed to understand the personal causes of non-adherence and use this information in real time to create better patient engagement and raise medication adherence. MediSafe increases both the health outcomes for the patient and the financial outcomes for everyone in the value chain from pharma, to pharmacies, to healthcare providers and insurers. MediSafe is well accepted by patients and caretakers. With over 1,000,000 downloads and data on nearly 75,000,000 medication doses, our consumer Virtual Pillbox app rating is 4.5/5, rated by over 45,000 raters, best in its category.

In September 2014, MediSafe won Health 2.0’s Startup Championship TRACTION, exhibiting innovative digital health solutions for both providers and consumers. In June 2014, MediSafe won the QPrize Global Competition (Qualcomm Venture’s annual competition, $250K prize). In 2014, Fast Company ranked MediSafe #4 on its list of “Most Innovative Companies in Healthcare.” In September 2013, MediSafe won the "Digital Health World Cup."

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