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The global pandemic COVID-19 highlighted some major issues in delivering medicine to chronic patients that have for instance diabetes or heart conditions. Some of the issues are limited time and movement or self-isolation.

What it does

Our solution provides prompt online connections between pharmacies and chronic patients. Simple interface allows users to make a quick medicine quest. Quest content is distributed to pharmacies or distributors who answer the quest with the relevant details. After receiving offers the patient can select one and receive contact to arrange delivery or pick up of the medicine.

How we built it

Solution is built as a web application for customers and as a desktop application for pharmacies. It is built on .NET Core technology. Solution allows users to find in a one click pharmacy with needed medicine. To pharmacies solution allow to connect medicine inventory data to customers and report availability remotely to any interested customer.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge was how to design application to be as simple as possible. To provide users good information, and to simplify use as well. From business perspective communication with potential partners and collecting their experience and expectations was crucial. From technology perspective communication between web application and many client applications was the biggest challenge in such short time frame.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have designed a product that can be used tomorrow to make life safer and more certain to many people, to allow them higher level of efficiency and effectiveness in and less unplanned facing with random people.

What we learned

We have learned how to pass the way from problem to solution, how to design solution and how to develop as a team. How to communicate our idea to partners from pharmaceutical industry.

What's next for MediQuest

Next step would be prioritization. Looking for partners and delivering production ready release. Agile development of product to meet customer expectation. Second phase would be global market expansion and partner network after

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